With the passing of comedienne Phyllis Diller last month, stories are widespread of her brazen humor, her courage and her self-confidence. Among the praises of Diller is mention of the fact that she never shied away from speaking openly about her facelifts and other plastic surgery procedures she had. Ms. Diller wanted to look a certain way, so she went after that goal.

In years past, plastic surgery was always associated with stardom. To this day, many people assume celebrities are the major consumers of plastic surgery. In fact, everyday women are pursuing their goals – cosmetic and otherwise – just like Diller did in the ’50s as a housewife turned famous comedienne.

Today’s plastic surgery patients are moms, wives, neighbors, professionals and best friends. For example, mommy makeovers continue to be a popular procedure among young and middle-aged women. A mommy makeover may include:

The makeover is tailored to your own cosmetic goals and your body.

Ms. Diller paved the way for American women to achieve their own dreams, without apologizing for them. You deserve to have the body you have always wanted.

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