The options for changing your body and face are almost limitless, and the results can be stunning. Traditional cosmetic surgery procedures that cut off leathery, thick, lined, and sagging skin long abused by the sun can subtract years from a person’s appearance. Laser resurfacing can create smooth skin and remove skin discolorations. Dermal fillers can plump up wrinkles and minimize acne scarring. Endoscopic face-lifts can rejuvenate the face using tiny incisions without any cutting and pasting of the skin.

In the past, many people waited until they were in their late 50s and 60s, with noticeably aging skin, before they even contemplated cosmetic surgery. All that has changed with the advent of relatively non-invasive, lower costing procedures such as laser resurfacing, Botox, and dermal fillers.

Women in their early 40s and 50s may want to undergo cosmetic surgery to deal with sagging corners of the mouth, slight pouching or sagging of the chin and jawline, and folds along the forehead. Though hardly considered aging by some standards, these annoying signs of middle age are easy to change.

There are also endless options for cosmetic procedures that are only about maintenance or reshaping the face. Whether it is acne scarring, excess fat or skin, surfaced face veins, skin discolorations, hair removal, or changing the appearance of your nose or lips, facial enhancement has many options from which to choose.

We are in a new era of accessibility to cosmetic surgery and many people are thrilled to know their face doesn’t have to look as old as they really are. There are many options for change these days. As long as the procedure is safe and the results are impressive, people will want to stay young-looking via any procedure that is relatively non-risky and long-lasting (although all cosmetic surgery has duration limitations).

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