Do you ever debate whether you should have a facelift or just get fat injections?

Depending on your goals and the condition of your skin, our Dallas facelift surgeon may recommend a facelift, injectable fillers, or a combination of the two. Fat injections are less invasive and require less recovery time. Since the facelift is the most well-known facial rejuvenation procedure, many women assume it is what they need when they begin to see facial sagging, but in many patients fat injections are the more appropriate procedure to restore a youthful appearance.


A facelift removes excess skin and tightens up the muscles in your face. It is a powerful and effective procedure to correct sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles, but it does not restore fullness. Facelift surgery is typically appropriate for older patients, with significant sagging and excess skin. The sagging that younger patients experience is often due to a loss of fat in the face, rather than an abundance of stretched and excess tissue.

Fat Injections

Fat injections restore your youthful plumpness. Strategically placed, they lift sagging skin by filling in the hollows where fullness has been lost. In the process this smoothes out the skin, and corrects the appearance of jowls and marionette lines, much like refilling a balloon that has lost some air.

Another advantage of fat injections is the ability to enhance the eye area in ways that a facelift cannot address.

Choosing the Right Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Rai will evaluate the condition of your skin and determine which treatment or combination of treatments will give you the results you desire.

If you are debating between a facelift and fat injections, find out if our Dallas facelift surgeon would recommend fat injections rather than a facelift. Schedule a comprehensive consultation and learn more about your options.