I am very pleased with my appearance since I had my surgery. I feel more confident-like the way I look and the way my clothes look on me. I no longer have to worry about buying a push-up bra. In fact it’s nice not to have to worry about one at all. I can now wear lingerie and clothes I never could before because I had no cleavage to fill it out. I feel more feminine being able to wear these things now. I didn’t go for a drastic breast enlargement, so a lot of people haven’t noticed. This is what I wanted. However, I do notice “more looks” because I can wear more revealing clothing because I don’t have to use a push-up bra. I would recommend breast augmentation to anyone who is considering it. It is an easy procedure, quick recovery and Dr. Rai and his staff are wonderful. They tell you exactly what to expect and really take care of you. I have had no problems.