Greetings Dr. Rai (and my firend):

You know you are my “favorite” plastic sugeon (okay…so you have always been my “only” plastic surgeon) but i felt compelled to write a quick note telling you how “fantastic” you are and how truly blessed I am that out paths crossed so many years ago. You have always had my best interest at heart and taken good care of me.

Through all of the procedures and consultations we have shared together, you have always been patient, caring, informative, professional, and immaculate in answerting my many questions. Your surgical skills are superb and your “keen eye” for beauty (especially in keeping everything looking natural) and ability to see the finsihed product is amazing.

You remember, prior to my last procedure, how i feared the forehead scar…now i ask “what forehead scar?” ecause there is abosultely no indication of an incision. I call that “amazing” but then again i have Dr. Rai on my side.

Thank you for holding my hand, listening to my rambling, predicting what i am searching for, and always, “getting it right”!

Your favorite client always,