Most Tummy Tucks can be done without drains but all should not be done without drains. In drain less tummy tucks abdominal flap is secured to underlying fascia and muscle layer with multiple stitches. This collapse the space between muscle layer and overlying tissues. Since the space is obliterated there is less potential for fluid to build up. Thus drains may not be needed.

However, there are situation where this potential space can not be completely obliterated. In these situations, it is wise and prudent to use drains to avoid complication of seromas.

Associated liposuctions can increase potential for fluid build up. Thus drains may be needed more often when liposuction is done in conjunction with tummy tuck.

Drain or no drain should be judgmental issue left to surgeon’s judgement to be exercised during the operation.

Some tummy tucks will always be better of with drains.