Tummy tucks for men in Britain rose 15 percent last year, representing the largest rise in demand for all plastic surgery procedures in Britain last year. Similar to trends in the UK, plastic surgery among men has become increasingly popular in America over recent years.

Like liposuction for men, tummy tucks define body contours by eliminating excess, saggy fat and tissue. A tummy tuck may be especially beneficial for men following:

  • Weight loss
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Intensive exercise regimen that does not eliminate isolated pockets of fat

If you have been unable to achieve a sculpted abdominal area despite your best efforts, a tummy tuck removes the skin and fat that sags around the abdomen, resulting in a tighter, firmer abdominal appearance.

Tummy tucks are especially popular after weight loss. After losing the pounds, you may be left with sagging skin that, unfortunately, does not disappear along with the weight. It may be discouraging to see this physical result after your dedication to weight loss, and a tummy tuck can provide the sculpting power necessary to reveal the tone and muscle mass beneath.

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