A Canadian man with something between one and two-and-a-half million dollars at his disposal was a contestant early this year on the TV reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire. In a taping session he met a former swimsuit model, one Jasmine Fiore, and they were married in March in Las Vegas. This new husband, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, was a real estate developer and investor and the son of a well-known Canadian architect.

Jenkins is now the subject of a manhunt conducted by both the U.S. and Canada. He reported his wife missing on August 15. But earlier that day, her body had been found in a suitcase tossed in a trash bin in Orange County. Authorities had been unable to identify the body because it was too mutilated to yield fingerprints or enable any use of dental records.

Fiore’s body was identified a few days later by an unusual method:
• The serial numbers on her breast implants

A Tangled Web
This case seems to be characterized by conflicting statements, unfounded claims, and “no comment”.

  1. Orange County prosecutors claimed that the U.S. Coast Guard had pursued a boat registered to Jenkins, but the Coast Guard said that although it was asked to help in the manhunt, the boat in question was found by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state.
  2. When asked if the U.S. Marshall’s Service was watching Jenkins’ assets, the chief inspector of that body declined to say.
  3. Fiore’s mother stated that her daughter had her marriage to Jenkins annulled in May of this year, but no court records can be found to verify that, and one of the lawyers representing Jenkins has “declined to comment”.
  4. In Calgary, Jenkins was sentenced in January 2007 to 15 months probation with counseling for anger management, sexual addiction, and domestic violence. However, one Paulina Chmielecka of Calgary, who was previously engaged to Jenkins for over two years has said:
  5. “The guy was a great guy. As far as I knew he was very happy. In our relationship, we had our fights — everyone does — but I would never say, ‘Well, he could have murdered someone.’ There’s no way.”
  6. Jenkins Senior has not returned any phone calls or email messages to his architecture office.

Yesterday, August 23, 2009, Jenkins’ body was found in a British Columbia motel room where he had evidently hung himself from a coat rack.

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