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Cheek Augmentation

Non-Surgical Enhancement of the Cheeks

Our cheeks and chin form the triangular framing of our faces and are important land marks of facial beauty. With aging, there is atrophy of soft tissues that overlay the cheek bones. This leads to loss of cheek prominence and resulting facial deflation. In essence, we lose volume and fullness in our cheeks overtime and this can cause a skeletonization of our faces and lead to loose skin that can contribute to forming deep wrinkles.

Surgical options to restore cheek fullness is typically using cheek implants. However, cheek implants require surgery and have high complication rates.

With the availability of fillers there is now a new option for restoring cheek fullness. At the Cosmetic Surgical Center, we treat this problem with Radiesse or other facial fillers.

Via intraoral or cutaneous approaches, and sometimes combination of both, the volume and aesthetics of the cheeks and midface are rebuilt. This procedure is undertaken under local anesthesia with immediate restoration of cheek fullness.

The skin and fat below the cheeks can then be addressed through a facelift procedure or liposuction of the nasolabial folds.


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*Individual results may vary