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Lip Enhancement

Non-Surgical Volumization and Enhancement of Lips

Fuller lips are in vogue and trending on many social media sites. There are a lot of options available to add volume to your lips – some are temporary, others are long lasting.

Long lasting options:

PermaLip implants, Alloderm implants, PTFE implants are available for long lasting lip enlargement. We have offered these in the past. However, long lasting is not always better. The long-term presence of a foreign body in your lips has negative consequences. These range from delayed rejection of the implants, infections, palpability, scarring and unwanted ingrowth of scar tissue in and around the implants. In addition, the weight of these long lasting implants can lead to lip lengthening.

Temporary options:

Temporary options require upkeep, but are beautiful and yet reversible. These are preferred by us at our Cosmetic Surgical Center. Hyaluronic based fillers such as Restylane and Juevederm are available and new options will certainly come along in the future. We always offer our patients what we consider to be the safest products that produce the most natural results.

Restylane as well as Juevederm are available in different densities and varying characteristics. What filler to choose depends on the unique desires of each patient as well as their natural shape and fullness of their lips. Dr. Rai will discuss this with his patients at the time of their consultation.

Defining a Beautiful lip

Some of our guiding principles are outlined below:

Balance to face: Lips must balance the face and profile of each patient.

Balance between lips: The upper and lower lips must have a balance with each other. Generally, the lower lip needs to be fuller than the upper lip.

Elegant border: The borders of the lips are key features as they separate the lip color and texture from the rest of the facial skin. It is an important anatomic landmark that can be volumized to give the appearance of fuller more youthful lips as well as diminish any fine wrinkles around the mouth.

Full but natural lips: There is a difference between just having big lips and having big lips that are also beautiful and natural. The upper lip needs a central pout that then fits elegantly between the right and left pout of lower lip.

These are the keys to our approach to creating beautiful lips. The volume of new desired lip is defined by our patients and we guide them about the rest.

While lip augmentation and volumization might seem simple it is actually very complex and requires a certain expertise. It is an art that needs training and the discerning eye of a plastic surgeon.


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*Individual results may vary