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Breast Enhancements

Many Dimensions of Breast Aesthetics

Cosmetic Surgery of Breasts has infinite dimensions.

It is important for a plastic surgeon to start with an open mind and assess each breast, for its existing imperfections, whether subtle or severe, and then formulate an operative plan. Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction are only two extremes of the spectrum of aesthetic possibilities.

Breast Contouring (simply carving breast gland to achieve more sculpted look), Breast Lift with subtle sculpting, one sided breast reduction, or any of these combined with small implant to achieve patient’s goals are options between these two extremes.

Possibilities are unlimited, only limited by vision and skill of the plastic surgeon.

To reflect these approaches, we have a category in our photo gallery, called Breast Enhancements.

This gallery contains examples of breast surgery where a blend of techniques is used for the cosmetic surgery of breasts.


  • “The result is extraordinary”

    I feel like a new and improved woman. It has finally let me release the reassurance I had within myself, bottled inside for so long! I now look in the mirror and say: “Yes, I’m beautiful, fit and secure”. I have got all positive reactions. Now I have people noticing me for my brains as well as my chest. The pain is minimal and the result is extraordinary. It was worth every penny.

  • “I am very pleased with my appearance”

    I am very pleased with my appearance since I had my surgery. I feel more confident-like the way I look and the way my clothes look on me. I no longer have to worry about buying a push-up bra. In fact it’s nice not to have to worry about one at all. I can now wear lingerie and clothes I never could before because I had no cleavage to fill it out. I feel more feminine being able to wear these things now. I didn’t go for a drastic breast enlargement, so a lot of people haven’t noticed. This is what I wanted. However, I do notice “more looks” because I can wear more revealing clothing because I don’t have to use a push-up bra. I would recommend breast augmentation to anyone who is considering it. It is an easy procedure, quick recovery and Dr. Rai and his staff are wonderful. They tell you exactly what to expect and really take care of you. I have had no problems.

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Your Breast Augmentation will be performed at the Cosmetic Surgical Center by Dr. Rai in Dallas, TX.

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