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Liposuction of Back/Flanks and Love Handles in Men

Men tend to accumulate fatty deposits on their flanks and waistline. These are referred to as “love handles”. There is underlying genetic predisposition that makes some men more susceptible to formation of love handles. Weight gain makes love handles even more pronounced. Such fatty deposits lead to unattractive body silhouette, increase waist measurement and ill-fitting suits.
We recommend to all our patients to lose weight prior to liposuction for the best effect. Rarely, exception to this rule are permitted.

Once patient has achieved their desired body weight further improvement is achieved with liposuction.


Liposuction is done under general anesthesia in our surgical practice. Very small nick incisions are used in flanks to do liposuction. Fatty deposits are pre-treated with Ultrasound. It is followed by removal of fatty deposits with liposuction technique.
Compression garment is used for 2-3 weeks. Exercise and physical activity is permitted 3 weeks after surgery.
Resulting enhancement of silhouette almost always results in boosted confidence and feeling of wellbeing by patients.

Cost of Liposuction of Flanks/ love handles:

Only a range of such costs can be provided. Real costs will vary based on degree of operation that is needed in each individual patient. Median cost of liposuction of flanks is $ 4000 – $4500.

This includes all fees related to surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist fees, cost of anesthesia and drugs that used during surgery.