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Vaginal Surgery Questions

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Is Labiaplasty safe?

Yes, it is. Labiaplasty carries no more risk than any other surgical procedure.

What is goal of labiaplasty surgery?

The goal of labiaplasty is determined by the patient. Each patient has her own goal. Some patients desire aggressive modification of their labia. Others want a conservative modification. The operation is customized for each patient.

How do I prepare myself for labiaplasty?

Make sure that you understand your operation and make sure that your surgeon is on the same page as you.

Follow instructions provided to you by your surgeon.

Schedule your surgery in middle part of your menstrual cycle so that it does not affect you while you are having surgery or recovering from it.

Discontinue Aspirin and Aspirin containing products, NSAIDs (Advil, Naproxen) at least 10 days before your surgery.

Blood thinners of all kinds need to be discontinued before surgery. Excessive doses of Vitamin E should be avoided.

How long will I need to avoid intercourse after labiaplasty?

You will need to avoid sexual intercourse till your healing is complete. This time may range from 4-6 weeks. This decision is made on case by case basis, based on each patient’s individual healing from surgery.

Will future childbirth affect my labiaplsty?

Yes, it will. There is expected stretching of birth canal and labial tissues at childbirth. This may result in fresh injury and tears of labia. New repairs may be needed.

Are patient’s happy with Labiaplasty surgery?

Yes. Patient satisfaction rate from labiaplasty is very high. Patients are pleased with newly found freedom from friction and irritation of labial tissue, unwanted labial show and freedom in choosing their undergarments.

There is also freedom from obstruction posed by excessive tissues during intercourse.

Most patients enjoy freedom from self-consciousness about their genital appearance.

There is improved feminine hygiene.

Why is Labiaplasty becoming more common plastic surgery?

It is from increased awareness of its availability and more surgeons offering it. In past importance of genital enhancement surgeries was underplayed by surgeons. There was understandable reluctance by patients to ask for it. There is more societal openness today and such topics are openly addressed.

Today’s intimate garment designs and beachwear are less forgiving towards labial tissue excess and pose threat of uncomfortable show. Thus patients tend to seek remedial option of labiaplasty.

Why Have Labiaplasty?

If you are experiencing serious physical or emotional discomfort as a result of the size or shape of your genitalia, labiaplasty may be a good solution for you. Over 97% of women who have labiaplasty are satisfied with the results, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

If you are tired of pain during exercise or sex, if you are tired of feeling self-conscious in tight clothes or when naked, if you want to feel more feminine or just more normal, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasdev Rai and his compassionate staff to learn more about this procedure and whether it is right for you.

Medical Reasons for Labiaplasty

Many women have medical concerns that may prompt them to desire labiaplasty. “Medical” reasons for labiaplasty cause physical discomfort or impairment. Common medical complaints include:

  • Large labia majora
  • Protrusive or exposed labia minora
  • Discomfort in tight-fitting clothes
  • Discomfort during sexual activity
  • Hygiene difficulties

Women who have labiaplasty for medical reasons almost universally report a reduction in discomfort and other problems.

Aesthetic Reasons for Labiaplasty

Increasing exposure of female genitalia in the media has increased both men’s and women’s sense of what constitutes a normal appearance. As a result, women feel more uncomfortable with genitalia that they believe deviates from a normal or attractive appearance. Some women have been told by sexual partners or other women that their genitals are not normal or unattractive. Others have formed this opinion independently.

Once you believe that the appearance of your labia is abnormal or unattractive, it can impact your confidence and willingness to engage in intimate situations. Some common aesthetic concerns include:

  • Asymmetrical labia
  • Too-large labia
  • Discomfort with appearance of labial area in tight-fitting clothes
  • Self-consciousness about appearance of labia in the nude

The majority of women who have labiaplasty for aesthetic reasons are also happy with the results of their procedure.

Reasons for Other Vaginal Surgeries

Many women find that they are unable to experience pleasure during sexual activity, either due to a shielded clitoris, or because the stretching caused by childbirth has made them physically insensitive. The first of these issues may be addressed by clitoral hood refinement.

Labiaplasty may reshape labia affected by childbirth stretching, but it does not address the internal anatomical changes that can result from childbirth, which can be corrected with vaginoplasty. See our Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty page to learn more. Improvement of sexual satisfaction is a less certain outcome from labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or clitoral hood refinement.

If you have more questions about labiaplasty or the reasons for having labiaplasty, please contact Dr. Rai at the Cosmetic Surgical Center, serving the areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.