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Clitoral Hood Refinement

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If you have been finding that the tissue around your clitoris diminishes sexual pleasure or perhaps causes discomfort during sexual activity, clitoral hood refinement may be a good procedure for you. It is also called clitoral hood reduction or hoodectomy. Clitoral hood refinement can be paired with labiaplasty of the labia minora.

The Clitoral Hood Refinement Procedure

Prior to the procedure, you would meet with Dr. Vasdev Rai for a consultation. That is a time for you to express your concerns and your reasons for wanting a clitoral hood refinement. Dallas Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rai can give clear answers to your questions and explain how the procedure works.

When you arrive for your surgery, one of our friendly team will greet you. Dr. Rai will use a topical anesthetic first to numb the skin and then an injected anesthetic for deeper numbing. This will allow you to remain conscious and comfortable during your procedure.

The hood incision is very small, only a quarter-inch in length, and will allow the clitoris to be exposed during arousal. The clitoris itself is unaffected by the procedure. Dr. Rai will excise the appropriate amount of excess skin in a U or V shape and place a few tiny dissolvable sutures.

He will give you a supportive bandage to wear for several days to promote healing. At first, you may experience some irritation, so it is important to follow Dr. Rai’s instructions during recovery to avoid complications. He will prescribe any medications needed.

Recovery From Clitoral Hood Refinement

Full recovery from clitoral hood refinement may take several weeks. For your safety and for excellent results, be sure to follow Dr. Rai’s post-operative instructions to the letter. As with all surgery, this is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a good surgical outcome.

It will be best to avoid all strenuous activity, including high-impact exercise and stress on your legs and lower abdomen. Dr. Rai will let you know when it is safe to resume exercise. Follow his cleansing instructions and do not take a bath or shower until he gives you clearance for it.

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To learn more about hoodectomy or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Rai at The Cosmetic Surgical Center. We serve residents in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and we hope to meet with you soon.