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Thigh Lift Dallas

Major weight loss and aging can cause the skin on the outer and inner thighs to appear loose and unattractive. The aim of the thigh lift is to tighten this loose skin to give a smoother appearance to the area. The best candidates for the thigh lift are men and women who have loose leg skin that won’t respond to diet or exercise.

The inner thigh area is tightened by an incision in your groin crease, which is easy to hide. Outer thigh tightening is achieved by a flank incision that also allows Dr. Rai to perform buttock augmentation at the same time. Dallas thigh lift surgery can be performed in our surgical-suite.

“I am glad I chose the surgery to enhance my appearance. I would do it again if needed. I am able to wear clothes (like swim suits and shorts) with more self-esteem. I would choose Dr. Vasdev S. Rai, M.D. as your surgeon.”

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