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Labia Majora (Augmentation)

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Vaginal Lip Surgery

Some women feel uncomfortable about the appearance of their labia majora, the outer lips of the vulva. The appearance may be due to genetics, childbirth, or weight change. The labia majora can be too bulky or too small and hollow, but in most cases, vaginal lip surgery can help.

Why Labia Majora Surgery

Both bulky and hollow labia majora can be an aesthetic problem. Bulky labia majora may be conspicuous when you wear tight or fitted clothing such as a swimsuit, jeans, leotards, or some types of lingerie.

Many women are comfortable or happy with their bodies except for prominent labia, and may become self-conscious in fitted clothing. If you are one of these women, labiaplasty may be performed to create a different appearance and to relieve you of self-consciousness.

Hollow labia majora are less conspicuous in clothing but may be considered unattractive when a woman is unclothed. Sometimes there is sufficient excess skin that even hollow labia majora may be visible through tight or fitted clothing.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty of the labia majora follows the basic techniques of many other plastic surgery procedures. If the labia have excess fat but good skin quality, they might be reduced in size using only liposuction. In other cases, excess skin may be removed to create the smooth contour you would like. Sutures (usually dissolvable) are used to connect the remaining tissue for good healing.

Recovery From Labiaplasty

Recovering from labiaplasty should be leisurely, allowing enough time for your body to completely heal. As with many types of plastic surgery, you may want to take a week off work, or perhaps a little more, immediately following the procedure, and you should use an ice pack to help minimize swelling. Full recovery may take six weeks or longer, and it is best to avoid any strenuous activity, especially sexual activity and even vacuuming, until you are completely healed.

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