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Monsplasty Procedure in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

The mons, also called the mons pubis or mons veneris, can become enlarged by weight gain. It can also be stretched during pregnancy, and in some cases, it may be genetically predisposed to being large or having muscle laxity. Excess tissue in the mons can be highly visible in some types of clothing, including snug jeans and swimsuits.

If you have achieved massive weight loss, you may have noticed an awkward skin flap directly below the lower abdomen. It can create an unwelcome bulge, even though the underlying fatty tissue is gone.

What Monsplasty Corrects

Monsplasty is much like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) but it is performed below the lower abdomen, where a tummy tuck stops. It removes excess skin over the pubis and perhaps a little excess fat. If the enlargement is due mostly to excess fat, mons reduction may be a better option for you.

If you have experienced weight loss after bariatric surgery or have acquired excess skin from pregnancy stretching, monsplasty can help you achieve a flat mons for greater comfort, regardless of what you are wearing.

The Monsplasty Procedure

A monsplasty may be performed under general anesthetic in a hospital or under local anesthetic and a gentle sedative as an outpatient procedure. Cosmetic Surgeon serving Fort Worth, Dr. Rai would work at the upper area of the mons. Through a small incision, a little excess fat can be removed, and all unwanted skin, and then the lower part of the mons is lifted to be sutured to the upper part. This creates a smoother and more subtle contour.

Recovery after Monsplasty

Recovering from monsplasty is very similar to recovering from abdominoplasty. You would serve yourself well by taking a week or more off work, and if your job is strenuous, more time off would be necessary. You may notice some swelling and bruising at first, but both will gradually disappear.

For best recovery from any type of plastic surgery, try to drink plenty of liquids and refrain from any strenuous activity until Dr. Rai gives permission for it. If you are a frequent exerciser, you can optimize your surgical outcome by putting your exercise routine on hold for four to six weeks until you are well healed.

To learn more about monsplasty, please contact Dr. Rai today at The Cosmetic Surgical Center, in the Fort Worth and Dallas area of Texas.