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Surgery of The Nipples and Areolae

The nipple-areola complex is the central part of breast form. Ideally, the nipple-areola complex is at the perfect center of breasts, and of a circumference and the size that is proportion to the shape and size of breasts. It should exist in perfect, balance and harmony to the rest of the breast. Any imbalance between these can negatively affect the beauty of the breasts.

  • Mal-proportions of the Nipples and Areolae
  • Mal-positions of the Nipples and Areolae
  • Inverted Nipples
  • Issues Related to the size of the Nipples

Mal-proportions can be either a too large or too small areolar diameter
Correction of mal-proportions:

  • Too small of areolar diameter can be surgically enlarged to increase its size
  • Too large of areolar diameter can similarly be reduced to a proportionate size.

Malpositions of Nipple-areola.

Too High of a Nipple-Areolar complex gives a “sky gazing” effect to nipples. In these situations, most of breast fullness exists below the nipples. Thus, breasts themselves appear to be bottoming out. This can occur naturally in some patients. In others it happens as a result of a breast augmentation. Implants that are placed too low at the time of surgery or dissect down after surgery can displace the nipples up on the breast surface.

Too Low Nipple-Areolar complex can be present naturally in some patients. It can occur later in life from sagging of breasts. Breast sagging can occur as part of aging. It can also occur after pregnancy and breast feeding. Loss of weight can also result in sagging breasts. Low position can also occur when large implants are placed behind the muscles during breast augmentation as well.

Correction of Malpositions

Corrective strategy is based on a thorough evaluation of the cause of malposition. Congenitally occurring, high positions can be lowered by raising the level of the breasts on the chest.

If malposition is caused by too low or too high a position of the breast implants, the implant position will need to be corrected. It may require changing the entire pocket of the breast implants from behind the muscle to placement in front of muscle.

Correction of too low a position of the nipple areola from sagging will require correction of the breast sag.
We recommend an in-person evaluation to arrive at a customized approach to correction of these issues. Call us at 972-566-6500 or email us to set up your consultation.

Inverted Nipples can be corrected with a simple out-patient surgical procedure. This can be undertaken as stand alone procedure or procedure done in conjunction with other surgeries.

Size of nipples is also an important part of breast aesthetics. Very large nipples can cause embarrassing projection through clothes. It is possible to reduce them to acceptable ideal projection by surgery.

All good surgeries are about balance and harmony. Illustrative examples of all of above can be found in our picture galleries under Breast Revisions and Breast Lift sections