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Liposuction of Neck

Fatty deposits under the jawline create a double chin effect on the face. Such fatty deposits make entire jawline ill-defined. Submental fatty deposits cast a negative shadow on facial photographs.

Weight gain and aging makes appearance of neck fat even worse. These fatty deposits look worse in patients with week and extrusive chins.

Following are the indications for liposuction of neck:

  1. Submental fatty deposits at any age
  2. In conjunction with Male Facelift surgeries to enhance result of facelift.
  3. In conjunction with chin implants to enhance result of chin implant surgery


We prefer to do liposuction under general anesthesia or sedation to achieve best possible outcome.

Usually, three small incisions are used, one in chin crease and one behind each ear. Fatty deposits are infused with a special solution that contains epinephrine to reduce bleeding and bruising and local anesthetic to reduce post- operative discomfort. Fatty deposits are removed in layers using very small liposuction cannulas.

Post-operative compression neck garment is used for 48-72 hours followed by its intermittent use for up to 2 weeks.

There is minimal post-operative discomfort. Most swelling is gone in 3 weeks and final results are obtained in about 4 months.

Cost of Neck Liposuction:

Costs will vary based on individual factors that vary from patient to patient. Median cost of neck liposuction is about $ 3500 -$ 4000. This includes surgical fee, anesthesia fees and operating room and pharmacological costs.