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Breast Revisions

Primary (First time) surgeries of breast may need another surgery at a future time. Such revision breast surgeries tend to be more difficult and more complicated than original breast surgery. This is because circumstances of first surgery, scarring from the original surgery and changes since original surgery all impact new surgery. Each subsequent surgery compounds surgical challenge for the operating surgeon. Higher level of surgical skills and experience are needed to address difficulties encountered at breast revisions.

Some examples of conditions that require breast surgery revision are presented below:

Issues with breast folds:
Breast folds may shift after initial surgery. Fold may shift high or low, depending on many factors. Low folds need to be raised and high folds need to be lowered to keep best look.

Asymmetry of breasts:
Breasts may develop asymmetry from post- surgery changes or from original surgical technique. If these asymmetries are bothersome, they need to be corrected.

Nipple malposition:
Breast surgeries can result in nipples shifting high or shifting low. These will need repositioning.

Implant related changes:
Shifting of implants, scarring and capsules around implants, implant ruptures, implant deflations, pain related to implants may all necessitate revision of implants or revision of breasts.

Exchange of implants:
Implants may need an exchange for elective downsizing/ upsizing, or simply a change from saline to silicone, or its reverse. Ruptured implants will need their removal.

Need for change of original implant pocket:
Need to change implant pocket from behind the muscle to front of muscle or its reverse. It is done based on specific situation related to original surgery, and sometimes simply based on patient preference.

Miscellaneous issues related to personal preferences of patients:
May also need revision of original breast surgery to achieve patient stated goals and their desired preferences.
Such revisions may be needed for all kind of breast surgeries (cosmetic, augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction) and for any of above reasons. Revision of breast surgeries is technically more difficult than original surgery. It requires more skill on part of surgeon and carries higher complication rate and is likely to cost more.

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At Cosmetic Surgical Center of Dallas, we do breast revisions when they are needed. Each surgery is custom designed to address specific issues related to each patient. It is always helpful if patient can bring all the records of previous surgery with them at time of their consultation. Availability of background information related to original breast surgery is extremely helpful in designing approach to new surgery.

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