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Buttock Lift

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A buttock lift is a different operation than buttock enlargement operations. Buttock lifts, lift the buttocks to make them appear perkier and improve their shape.

Buttocks tend to sag with age, with weight loss, and with changes related to pregnancies. As buttocks sag they tend to pull the outer and inner thigh skin down with them. The appearance of the entire buttock-thigh junction gets affected.

The goal of a buttock lift is to restore a youthful appearance to the buttocks.
The operations are designed specifically to address existing concerns expressed by the patient or observed by the plastic surgeon.

Buttock-Thigh Lift:

The outer thighs connect to the outer lower buttocks. Thus, an outer thigh lift along with an outer and lower buttock lift is usually done together. This is done by using a horizontal flank incision that extends to the patient’s back above the buttocks. Skin with attached fat is separated from the underlying deep layers along the lateral flank, outer thigh, and outer and lower buttock. An undermining retractor is used to release the skin attachments over the lower parts of the thighs. Thus, skin and soft tissues is released from their attachments and are pulled upwards to suspend the buttocks and outer thighs in the elevated and desired position. Tissues are secured and stabilized with multiple layers of stitches. Sometimes drains are also used to safeguard against fluid buildup after surgery.

Surgery is done as an out-patient procedure. Patients go home with light bandages. Activity is limited for 3-4 weeks to allow for healing. Stitches are removed in 10-14 days.

Excision of Buttock Roll:

Some patients present with a roll of skin at their buttock-thigh junction. This roll distorts the distinct outline of the buttock crease. This is treated by direct excision of the skin roll. The back of the thigh skin is elevated and secured to the buttock crease after the fold excision.

This surgery is also done as an outpatient procedure.

Stitches are removed in 10-14 days.

3-4 weeks are required for complete healing

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Excision of Buttock Roll with inner thigh skin excision:

When the buttock roll is long and also extending along the inner thighs this combination surgery is required to address both issues.

Upper Buttock Lift:

This is undertaken to address the hollowed appearance between the lower back and the upper buttock. Via an incision made along the lower back and buttock junction, the upper buttock outline is elevated to a more youthful position on the body.

In some instances, all of the above surgeries will be needed in one setting to address all the issues related to the buttock mound and to restore a youthful and refined buttock shape.


Glutealplasty is all in one operation of buttocks. In this outer, inner, upper and posterior buttock is lifted along with buttock roll excision to achieve enhancement of entire buttock area.
Skin and fat that is removed can also be implanted into surface irregularities of buttocks.

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