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Clitoral Hood Reduction in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

What is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Some women are unable to reach a climax during sexual intercourse. While some individuals may insist that this is strictly an emotional or psychological issue, there are also physiological reasons why some women cannot reach a climax. One possible reason is excess skin in the clitoral hood.

Understanding the Clitoris

The clitoris contains the majority of nerve endings in the vaginal area and it is usually retracted underneath a layer of skin referred to as a “hood”. The clitoral hood is attached to the labia minora, (inner labia) and during sexual activity, the stimulation of the labia creates stimulation in the clitoral hood. This in turn causes the clitoris to become aroused and to perhaps protrude.

In women whose inner labia and clitoral hood are excessively large, the clitoris may be blocked from protrusion, making full clitoral stimulation difficult. In some cases, friction between the hood and the clitoris causes pain.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

In years long past, absence of a climax during sex was considered a fact of life for many women. But plastic surgery is now providing a solution for what was once thought to be unchangeable.

A clitoral hood refinement, also called clitoral hood reduction, or a hoodectomy, removes a portion of the clitoral hood to allow the clitoris to be accessed and stimulated. This may sound like a major procedure, but it is brief and removes only a small section of the clitoral hood. It is completed in less than an hour.

Clitoral hood refinement enables your body to function more fully during sexual activity. Because large labia are often indicative of a large clitoral hood, a clitoral hood reduction is often performed with labiaplasty of the labia minora.

Nearly all women (about 97%) who have labiaplasty to relieve physical or emotional discomfort are satisfied with their surgical results. About two-thirds of women who have labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction experience mild, moderate, or significant enhancement of sexual pleasure.

Before you seek clitoral hood reduction to improve your sexual experience, it is often recommended that you consider other obstacles to sexual pleasure and perhaps discuss the problem with a sex counselor.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and are interested in having a hoodectomy, clitoral hood reduction, or any other genital cosmetic surgery, please contact Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rai at the Cosmetic Surgical Center for a personal consultation.