Breast implants can be placed in front of or behind the muscle, and in most cases the choice is up to you. How to decide? Let us do a little exercise to find answer to this question.

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful, naturally developed breast on your body. It will be voluptuous, have compact fullness, and move freely on your chest with your every move. It will have a sharp cleavage. It will fully fill the cup of your favorite bra. And it will exist in front of your muscle.

Why should a surgically enhanced breast be any different? It should not be. The augmented breast should replicate nature’s design, not reinvent it. Nature chose “in front of the muscle” for a woman’s breast, thus it is simple logic that breast implants should also be placed in front of muscle.

When Breast Implants Should be Placed Behind the Muscle

Of course, there are a few exceptions:

  • Saline implants. Saline implants tend to have more surface ripples, so they might need to be placed behind the muscles to hide the ripples.
  • Patients under 22 years old. The FDA does not allow women under 22 years old to receive silicone gel implants, so you will have to choose saline.
  • Insufficient tissue in front of the muscle. Women with very little breast tissue may prefer placement behind the muscle so that the implant is not visible.

To learn if you should have your breast implants in front of or behind your muscle, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Vasdev Rai. Dr. Rai provides breast enhancement procedures to patients living in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas of Texas.