All the surveys done each year about who has had what cosmetic surgery procedure and how many procedures of each type were done annually all repeat one fact: that more men are having cosmetic surgery each year. At The Cosmetic Surgical Center, we offer many procedures for men – males can have facial work and body work done using the same general procedures as are done for women, but done a little differently for men.

Standards of beauty for a male body of course differ to some extent from female standards of beauty, and liposuction can be tailored accordingly. In itself, liposuction is a neutral process – unwanted fat cells are broken up using various techniques, and then removed from that area, leaving the skin to shrink naturally over the new contour.

Men develop abdominal fat and extra fat on the upper back and neck just as women do, and these areas can be treated in similar ways. Men also value a muscular-looking chest. Liposuction can done in a way that works on smaller areas of fat within the chest, picking out the contours. This can be done on the abdomen also, creating that “washboard” effect.

Gynecomastia is the term for enlarged male breasts and this can be addressed by liposuction also. The unwanted tissue is not all fat, however; there is a usually an amount of actual breast tissue contributing to the enlargement. Dr. Rai can remove it using different techniques combined with liposuction.

We also offer male eyelid surgery to remove excess fat or skin that are causing drooping eyelids and an older or sleepy look. If you would like a stronger jawline, we offer chin implants to give more definition and balance to the lower face.

As always, BOTOX® Cosmetic is a good option for smoothing out frown lines or horizontal forehead lines. In the slumping economy, non-invasive procedures have become a lot more popular than major surgeries.

Regardless of how you would like to improve your male facial or body contours, we have procedures that can be customized to give you outstanding results. Ple