As the name implies, a mini-facelift is a less extensive procedure than a full facelift. It targets the cheeks, jawline, and neck. A mini-facelift is appropriate for younger patients with specific problems areas. A mini-facelift in Dallas does not take as long as a full facelift, which can take several hours, and the recovery time is shorter. To find out if a mini-lift is right for you, please schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Rai.

Mini-Facelift in Dallas

A mini-facelift reduces minor sagging in the cheeks, jawline, and neck. Like a traditional facelift, the mini-facelift will not address the forehead or eye area. If you want to address these areas, Dr. Rai can recommend the appropriate procedures for you and you may choose to have them in conjunction with a mini-lift.

The mini-facelift will be custom-tailored to your needs and goals. We can target specific areas, in women and men who do not need the full facelift procedure.

The results will typically last about five to 10 years. Although the surgery is long-lasting, gravity and time continue to take their toll. Proper skin care after your procedure will extend your youthful appearance.

Most patients can return to work a few days after surgery. Overall, there is less bruising and swelling, and recovery is much faster than with a traditional facelift.

If you are considering a mini-facelift or other facial procedures, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Vasdev Rai. Dr. Rai provides cosmetic surgery procedures to patients living in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas of Texas.