Apparently, a plastic surgeon recently claimed in the Belling Herald that the way you sleep can affect how old you look. Although lifestyle adjustments like these may prevent wrinkles, plastic surgery procedures like a facelift are typically more effective.

The idea behind the sleep claim is that, if you sleep on your side or stomach, the pressure of your face against your pillow can create lines in your skin, which will eventually form wrinkles.

Claims like these are not at all uncommon. For as long as we have cared about beauty, suggestions have abounded regarding non-surgical ways to look younger, including making certain dietary and lifestyle adjustments. For many years, we have known that sun exposure dramatically ages your skin, and that wearing sunscreen is an easy way to combat this source of aging. Some research suggests eating a diet plentiful in berries and dark leafy greens can endow your skin with a youthful quality, as does drinking enough water to stay well hydrated.

A healthy lifestyle is certainly an important part of promoting your outer beauty, as well as your physical and mental wellness. A healthy lifestyle ought to be pursued; however, some measures are more difficult to practice regularly – such as only sleeping on your back. Instead, the aesthetic results of your healthy lifestyle may be better enhanced with facial cosmetic surgery. At some point, wrinkles, volume loss and other facial signs of aging can only be combated by surgical means, such as eyelid surgery. Cosmetic facial surgery can complement your healthy lifestyle with a rejuvenated, youthful facial appearance.

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