Career days are a normal part of the elementary school experience. Children learn about the possible careers available to them so they understand the world of choices that education can open for them. And it’s normal career day advice that speakers should bring visual aids to keep children engaged and help them understand what the speaker is saying. A zookeeper might bring an animal they can touch, a fireman might wear his gear and bring his helmet they can try on, and a plastic surgeon might bring a breast implant for kids to feel.

However, when one plastic surgeon brought a breast implant to class, parents reacted with outrage, which they shared with school officials and local media. Some parents claimed the visit sent kids the wrong message. The surgeon did not in any way advocate surgery for children who are all too young to consider the procedure, so I’m not sure what message they might be objecting to.

Are parents objecting to the message that plastic surgery is an acceptable career? If children are considering their career options, they should know that there are many kinds of doctors, and that whatever their interest, they may be able to find an area of medicine relevant to that interest. Though many plastic surgeons focus their practice on cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons also perform necessary reconstructive work, helping those deformed by birth, disease, or accident to live a normal life. Parents should think twice before impugning the reputation of a successful profession that gives so much to our society.

Are parents objecting to the message that plastic surgery is an acceptable alternative for men and women with concerns about the appearance of their bodies? About 300,000 women a year have breast augmentation in the United States. Worldwide, millions of augmentations are performed every year, making it the second most popular plastic surgery procedure, after liposuction. To say that breast augmentation is somehow indecent and unspeakable before children age 9 or 10 seems not only very judgmental, but also shortsighted.

The parents’ objections seem even less rational upon understanding that the plastic surgeon, with breast implant, has been attending career day for many years. One parent objected “Career day sure isn’t what it once was.” That is true, not only has the landscape of career options changed, but so, apparently, has the sensitivity of parents.

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