You may be considering getting a Dallas tummy tuck to help you look your best for the summer swimsuit season, but have hesitated because you were afraid that you would have scars that would keep you from wearing your bikini anyway. If this has been holding you back, do not wait any more. If you understand the tummy tuck procedure, you’ll see that it can help your abdomen look great and will not prevent you from wearing most swimsuits.

In an abdominoplasty, the main incision is just above the pubic area, which allows access to the abdominal muscles to be tightened and fat deposits that may be removed with liposuction or other means. In a full tummy tuck, a second incision is made around the navel, which allows you to keep your own navel following the procedure, as opposed to previous practices in which either the navel was removed or reconstructed. Once the muscles have been tightened and the fat removed, skin is also removed. However, it is always removed adjacent to the main incision so that when your skin is repositioned you still have only one incision site, just above the pubic area.

Although the exact position of your incision depends on subtleties of your anatomy, for most people the incision site and therefore any scar from the procedure will be in an area concealed by most bikini bottoms and swimming trunks. To see examples of likely incision sites, have a look at our tummy tuck before and after gallery. Most of these women would never be able to wear a bikini before the operation, but afterward could wear many bikinis without ever giving away their tummy tucks.

If you are considering a tummy tuck operation to get in shape for summer, time is running short. Please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center today to set up a consultation with Dr. Rai.