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Facial Surgery By Design (Part 2)

Facial Surgery By Design (Part 2)

In the 1990s, a number of sociobiologists (or evolutionary anthropologists) proposed that the most average face would be considered the most attractive, and to prove it, they had test subjects rate digitally averaged faces against real faces, and determined that in virtually every case the average face was chosen over the non-average faces.Although subsequent research […]

Facial Surgery by Design (Part 1)

Research into the way people appreciate and interpret beauty in the faces of others has shown that people do not evaluate one feature or another separately to decide whether a person looks good or not, but instead people look at the face as a whole. Therefore, in having cosmetic surgery done on your face, it […]

Breast Augmentation for Active Women

Active women have some special concerns when considering breast augmentation. First, size matters. Women who are active in athletic events should take that into account and not get implants that are too large for the level of movement required by your sport or activity. A larger-chested woman can find challenges in tennis, for example, as […]

RB Star Kelly Rowland on Breast Implants

In talking about her recent breast implant surgery, former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland was straightforward and had some good advice for others considering the surgery. In talking about her reasons for having the surgery, she denied being competitive with co-member Beyonce Knowles, saying, “It is a decision I made for myself.” She said, “I […]

Choose a Better Bra to Improve Lifetime of Breast Implant Surgery

Whether you are trying to put off the need for a breast lift as long as possible or trying to preserve the good results of your breast augmentation operation, the best thing you can do for your breasts is to wear a good, supportive bra. According to anecdotal evidence by one of the biggest bra-fitting […]

Focus on Liposuction

Last week we looked at the statistics on plastic surgery procedures, which showed that liposuction procedures jumped by more than 50 % from 2006, an astounding increase, comparable to the meteoric rise of noncosmetic procedures, taking over the spot of top cosmetic surgery procedure from breast augmentation, despite the significant increase in that procedure (21 […]

Australia Approves Furry Brazilian

When most people hear “Brazilian,” they think about removing fur, and at first blush nothing seems less appealing to women than furry breasts, but the newest breast implant approved for use in Australia is known as the furry Brazilian. The breast implants, which have been in use in Brazil since the 1960s and in Europe […]

Statistics Reveal Major Shakeup in Cosmetic Surgery 2007

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released its statistics for cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2007.As many experts have predicted, the cosmetic surgery market remains strong despite economic hard times.According to the ASPS, the number of procedures practiced on women in 2007 increased by one percent over those done in 2006, while men’s […]

A Subpoena for Allergan over Botox: Should You Be Worried?

Yesterday, Allergan, Inc, the maker of Botox, reported that it received a subpoena from the US Department of Justice regarding its promotion of Botox for use in treating headaches. Coming a short time after allegations that Botox (and a similar competing product) caused the death of 16 people, this newest development may unnerve some users […]

Red Carpet Fashions Conceal Busts, Emphasize Contours

The red carpet at the Oscars is the biggest showcase of glamorous faces, fashions, and bodies in the world. Seen and commented on by far more people than possibly all the fashion shows in Milan, New York, and Paris combined, even with its viewership at an all-time low due to fallout from the recent writers’ […]