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  • Plastic Surgeon Dallas Dr. Vasdev Rai


Procedures for Men

Dr. Rai - Cosmetic Surgical Center - Dallas, TX

When choosing the plastic surgery procedure or procedures that are perfect for you, it very important to consider all your options. When you decide on your surgical procedure, Dr. Rai will sit down with you to discuss your image goals, so you’ll know exactly what is involved with your treatment. Dr. Rai believes in dealing with you openly and honestly, because he knows your new look is an important part of feeling great about yourself. So you’ll only get the kind of treatment recommendations that will accomplish your image-enhancing goals safely and beautifully. You’ll even have the opportunity to use a video imaging system to simulate the results of your surgery!

You’ve thought about it and you know what you want. Perhaps it is a youthful face, or a firmer jaw line. Maybe you desire a flatter stomach, thinner thighs, a flattering bust-line, or a picturesque nose. Whatever cosmetic procedure you choose, you’ve come to the right place. Read about our most popular cosmetic surgery procedures below, or call our office to set up your personal consultation for a more in-depth look at any one of our procedures.

Cosmetic Surgical Center has a variety of plastic surgery procedures designed for men and women. Even though many of the same procedures performed on women can be performed on men, the goal of surgery may differ dramatically. This is particularly true when it comes to body contouring, since men tend to develop fat deposits in different parts of their bodies. Dr. Rai keeps these goals in mind when advising you on the best procedure to meet your goals.