Whether you are a man or a woman, your look is not complete as long as your arms and legs are flabby and unattractive.It may seem that the arms and legs should be easiest places to sculpt with exercise.After all, there are so many exercises available for those areas.Weight lifting, pull-ups, and pushups for the arms; running, jogging, even squats for the legs.All these exercises can build up muscle in our arms and legs, but they will not necessarily give them the proper contours.

Fat distribution is determined more by genetics than by lifestyle, according to recent research.While diet and exercise are often successful at reducing the overall level of body fat, they are not necessarily successful at removing undesirable fat deposits.Women, in particular, may find they are losing fat from their breasts and buttocks before losing the fat from their flabby arms.

Then, even if a person is able to get rid of fat from the arms, he or she is often left not with taut, muscular arms, but with loose-hanging skin around the muscles.

Body contouring can provide relief for excess skin and fat in the arms and legs, however.If you have stubborn fat deposits in your arms that are not responding to your exercise, liposuction can reduce them.If you suffer from skin laxity as well, an arm lift can make your skin tight and give definition to the muscles you have worked hard on building up.

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