It is thought that some people have physical migraine triggers on the sides or back of the head. Those would be muscle areas that for some reason tense up and begin the development of a migraine. Perhaps if those muscles were unable to contract, those migraines could be prevented.

To test this theory, a clinical trial was performed on 75 people who suffer from severe migraines. Researchers used BOTOX® to prevent the trigger muscles from contracting. BOTOX® works by paralyzing the specific muscle where it is injected.

The study participants received BOTOX® injections and were then monitored for six to eight months until the BOTOX® wore off. During that time their incidence of migraines was recorded.

Results were mixed, but some participants had significantly fewer migraines. Those who responded well to BOTOX® had the option of removing the trigger areas through cosmetic surgery procedures like facelifts or forehead lifts. For at least a few of the migraine sufferers, the cosmetic surgery solutions significantly reduced their pain.

Perhaps BOTOX® followed by cosmetic surgery will become a migraine treatment in the future. Meanwhile, Dr. Rai offers BOTOX® for smoothing out frown lines and forehead wrinkles and he offers a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures.

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