It has recently come to light that Botox, used to treat a variety of problems including wrinkles and headaches, and a similar injected drug, have been associated with sixteen deaths, four them being children, and scores of serious injuries that occurred after the drug spread to people’s vital organs. The drug is a neurotoxin used to relax muscles and according to a petition filed with the FDA, groups are asking that it come with a far stronger warning label and asking that patients be given a letter detailing its dangers.

The makers of Botox, Allergen, issued a statement January 24, 2007 stating that adverse reactions are rare. They claim that it’s not even been proven that Botox caused the reactions that have been reported. The maker of the similar drug, Myobloc, is a company named solstice Neurosciences and has not yet responded to the allegations.

The injection sites of these drugs come dangerously close to the esophagus, causing partial paralysis that can lead people to have difficulty swallowing. People can also suffer from aspiration pneumonia, which is caused by breathing in food or liquids. Of the 16 people who died, only one is known to have been undergoing cosmetic treatment for wrinkles.

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