At the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton last week, a study was presented about mood findings related to BOTOX® injections. Twenty-five people were part of the study, done by Cardiff University and Court House Clinics in London.

Twelve of the participants were given BOTOX treatments around the forehead area, treating frown lines. The other thirteen were given dermal fillers or other cosmetic skin treatments. Two weeks later, all were asked to complete a mood questionnaire.

When the data was compiled and analyzed, researchers found that there was no difference between the two groups in how effective they thought their treatments had been, as cosmetic facial enhancers. But those who had been given BOTOX were significantly less anxious, irritable and depressed than the other group. Researchers concluded that BOTOX had influenced the mood of those who received it.

Supporting the Feedback Theory
BOTOX works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle where it is injected. When injected into the frown muscles, it prevents frowning for about four months. The study authors concluded that their results supported the theory that there is feedback between a person’s emotions and their habitual facial expressions.

When a person habitually frowns, they feel chronically more negative. When unable to frown, a person feels less emotional negativity, and instead feels calmer and happier.

Medications traditionally prescribed for depression have some negative side-effects. If BOTOX were to be used for this purpose, the side effect would be a younger-looking face. Of course, the effects of BOTOX are temporary and retreatment would be necessary. But that is true of medications too – they must be taken regularly for an ongoing result.

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