In looking at the representation and appreciation of the feminine form across many cultures and over the ages, researchers have long focused on a single variable, the waist-to-hip ratio. Researchers have found significant evidence that although the form of the ideal woman’s body has changed, the ratio between the waist and the hips has remained relatively constant at about 0.7. Although I’m not interested in arguing for this specific ratio or for its universality in art, I do believe it tells us something important about what makes a person, man or woman, attractive. Attractiveness of one feature cannot be separated from the context of the other features.

Like the ideal nose, the ideal breasts, stomach, legs, or arms do not exist in isolation, but only in relation to one another. The key is proportionality and balance. Here are some tips for women looking to fix their proportions.

Breast Augmentation: What Makes Breasts Seem Small? How Big Is too Big?

The goal of breast augmentation is to give a woman breasts that look proportional on her body. Breasts are considered small if they do not register in one of three characteristics: roundness, fullness, or projection. Curvaceous is one of the most common words used to describe the ideal feminine form, and breasts are crucial to conveying the curviness of a woman’s body. If the breasts do not exhibit noticeable curving, either above or below, they are often considered too small. Fullness describes the distribution of a woman’s breasts across her chest. Breasts that are considered too small generally occupy less than three-quarters of the diameter of a woman’ chest. Projection is the characteristic of the breasts to protrude forward from a woman’s body. In African art, the projection of a woman’s breasts is often exaggerated, but nearly all representations agree that the breasts should protrude significantly in comparison to the stomach, and that this protrusion should ideally be outward, not downward, except in the case of nursing mothers. If your breasts sag, a breast lift is indicated.

In contrast, breasts are too big if they exhibit an excess of one or more of these characteristics. Thus, if a woman has breast implants that overly dominate her breast tissue and make her breasts appear almost spherical, the breasts would be considered too big. Similarly, breasts that occupy the whole of the chest or protrude significantly from the side of the chest would be considered too big. How much projection is too much is not as easily determined, as it depends on a number of factors, including the thickness of her body, her height, and the size of her buttocks.

And, of course, many women desire to find an ideal compromise between aesthetics and their active lifestyles.

In deciding on what breast augmentation proportions would best fit your body, Dr. Rai will consider all these factors and more, including your personal ideal, which intersects with these factors as well. To set up your initial consultation, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas, today.