In Irish news this week, poll results report that 55 percent of the women polled would like to alter the shape or size of their breasts. The survey was a small one, done to celebrate a new chat show in Irish Information TV called MyFaceMyBody. It also reported that 42 percent of women polled would like to have liposuction to remove abdominal fat.

Poll participants included men also, of whom 40 percent said they were not bothered by the idea of breast implants and 23 percent said they preferred breasts that were augmented with implants to smaller natural breasts. That leaves 77 percent of men who would prefer natural breasts and 60 percent who are indeed bothered by the idea of breast implants.

About a third of the women thought that their partner would be glad to pay for a breast enlargement procedure for them, but two thirds were anxious that if they were to go ahead with such a procedure, the results would look fake.

In the early days of cosmetic surgery, when it was done privately for celebrities only, it was overdone in some cases, and it seems the public has not forgotten those images of windblown faces and out-of-proportion breasts. The idea of having cosmetic surgery appeals only if a prospective patient can be confident of looking natural afterwards.

Contribute to Your Own Surgical Outcome

Your plastic surgery outcome is largely in your own hands. There are two important steps that you can and should take to optimize your surgery results and they are:

  • Choose an experienced and fully-qualified plastic surgeon
  • Follow his or her pre- and post-op directions to the letter

We see stories repeatedly in the media of people who had cosmetic surgery done by non-board-certified doctors, by doctors ill-trained in other countries, and by cosmetic surgeons who run a factory instead of a quality medical facility. It is not surprising that surgical results have been unsatisfactory, even harmful, or that the doctors have been prosecuted.

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Carefully

Dr. Rai has extensive qualifications and you can see the details of this on his Training and Credentials page. Not only is the initial training important, but so is the Continuing Education. That keeps a surgeon up to date with new ideas and technology, which increases your safety and satisfaction.

Look also to see what professional organizations your plastic surgeon belongs to. Those memberships keep him or her in touch with peers, which in turn can reassure you that the surgeon is competent and qualified. Many surgeons also have local affiliations that you can check into. Dr. Rai has contributed a great deal of leadership to the Medical City Dallas Hospital, serving as Chief of Section for Plastic Surgery and sitting on several committees.

When you choose a top-of-the-line surgeon, your post-surgery results will look natural and attractive. Your surgeon will have planned the procedure in partnership with you, informing you at each step what is done and why, and your satisfaction will be the greater for having a good working relationship with your plastic surgeon.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Rai and get some questions answered, please contact our Dallas, Texas office today and we will schedule a free consultation for you.