Breast augmentation revision surgeries are not uncommon. Women may feel dissatisfied with certain aesthetic results, such as size and shape. Sometimes, women seek revision surgeries because of a “botched” breast augmentation from another surgeon. “Botched” results include asymmetrical, sagging and misshapen breasts.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, a consultant plastic surgeon at University College in London may have found a solution to breast augmentation dissatisfaction. Dr. Patrick Mallucci believes that some botched breast augmentation surgeries may stem from miscommunication between patient and surgeon. In a consultation, patients often talk about cup size, volume, and other terms tending to be vague. Dr. Mallucci set out to define objective terms of the ideal breast shape.

Over a period of three months, Dr. Mallucci studied the photographs of 100 female models from London’s Page 3 feature of The Sun. Every day, Page 3 features a photograph of a topless woman. Page 3 has been a popular feature since the 1970s, and generally the models’ breasts are considered ideal. According to Dr. Mallucci, the Page 3 models must have natural-looking breasts.

So, Dr. Mallucci decided to find out why these women, and their breasts, are held in high esteem. Over three months, Dr. Mallucci measured certain features of the women’s breasts to find commonalities. He measured four specific features: the upper and lower poles, the angle of the nipple, and the slope of the upper pole. The “poles” of the breasts refer to the portions above and below the nipple.

Dr. Mallucci’s study revealed the following about the ideal breast shape:

  • 45 percent of overall breast volume should be located above the nipple meridian, and 55 percent of overall breast volume below the meridian. The nipple meridian can be pictured as a horizontal line dividing the breast at the level of the nipple.
  • The upper pole should be either straight or concave, but not convex.
  • The lower pole should be tight and convex. The lower breast portion should have a taut but voluminous curve.
  • The nipple should point upward at a 20 degree angle.

Although Dr. Mallucci’s findings and the source material could be viewed as subjective, the study does set forth interesting notions of the ideal breast shape.

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