For many couples, it can be a hard decision: what should we put on our gift registry? One couple in Cheshire, England, came up with an unusual answer: breast implants. As more and more couples are getting married older, or are getting remarried, traditional gift registry items are becoming less and less necessary. More often, it’s a problem of “how do we get rid of all these plates, towels, and toasters?” than needing to equip a household from scratch. Some couples decide they don’t need or want gifts from wedding guests, but if you are looking for gifts that can improve your life as a married couple, consider plastic surgery for your wedding.

In the case of the Chelsea couple, she was a mother of three who felt self-conscious because her breasts had lost volume and begun to sag. She had already been saving to get a breast augmentation after feeling self-conscious in the low-cut tops she had long loved to wear. After he proposed, she came up with the idea of asking wedding guests to contribute to her breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is only one idea for matrimonial plastic surgery. It’s important to talk to your spouse-to-be about the option. In some cases, your betrothed might say they love you the way you are and don’t want you to change. In other cases, they may say they love you the way you are but would like to consider surgery for themselves as well.

Your wedding is an emotional event, and to get the best possible results from plastic surgery at this time requires more than just a skilled surgeon, but someone who is experienced in the full impact of plastic surgery, from planning to recovery and beyond. To talk to Dr. Vasdev Rai and gain the benefit of his more than 30 years of plastic surgery wisdom, please contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas today.