Two research and development projects are looking at utilizing breast implants in the fight against breast cancer.

Scientists from Brown University are developing a special breast implant surface promoting the presence of healthy cells and deterring the presence of cancer cells. The surface is described as a “microscopic bed-of-nails” that prevents cancer cells from dwelling on it. At the same time, this surface seems to attract healthy cells.

The researchers tested various surfaces and found the breast implant covered in tiny, microscopic bumps to be the most effective in promoting the growth of healthy breast cells. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in just one day this breast implant surface had 15 percent more healthy breast cells than a normal breast implant surface.

In other research, University of Akron researchers are working on a breast implant they hope will search for and destroy breast cancer cells. The breast implant would include a medication within the material. The medication is supposed to fight infection and inflammation, and possibly destroy cancer cells themselves.

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