While it seems that the entire female population is going after breast enlargement, there are some who would like to have smaller breasts. Breast reduction is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that are done for health reasons as well as beauty reasons. Another such procedure is often rhinoplasty, as reshaping the nose can improve breathing and in some cases that is the goal of the procedure.

When the breasts are very large and heavy, a woman usually suffers from backaches and pain in the neck and shoulders. Bra straps bite into the shoulder skin. Agility and speed of movement are reduced so that a woman may not be able to participate in sports. The breasts may hang low and develop skin irritation in the breast crease.

A breast reduction will remove unwanted fatty tissue, glandular tissue and skin. Dr. Rai will discuss the procedure with you beforehand and learn what size you would like your breasts to be. You can also discuss anesthesia with him, as the procedure may be done with general anesthesia or with local anesthetic and an IV sedative.

Often the nipples will be raised and reattached higher to create a more perky look. In combination with the removal of excess bulk, this gives the effect of a breast lift. When the incisions are closed, stitches are placed deep in the tissue as well as on the surface, to give added support to the new shape.

Your results will be long-lasting. You will now have better body proportions and can enjoy the pleasure of buying a whole new wardrobe.

To learn more about breast reduction and whether you might be a good candidate for it, please call or email our cosmetic surgery office to schedule a free consultation.