Experiments have been done in using fat from elsewhere on the body to augment the breasts. Using liposuction, the fat is taken from places where it is unwanted, such as the abdomen, love handles, upper thighs or buttocks. This way of doing breast augmentation has caused concern that the grafted fat could interfere with mammograms, delay cancer diagnosis, or be absorbed by the body.

More recently, another way of potentially doing breast enlargement has been reported. It uses adult stem cells (not the controversial embryonic stem cells). Stem cells have the magical ability to transform themselves into other types of cell, such as red blood cells or bone cells, and they are found throughout the body. They are especially found in fatty tissue.

Natural Breast Augmentation

A pioneer in this procedure is one Todd Malan, M.D. in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has developed a procedure that uses a new way of taking the fat from elsewhere on the body, and a process that helps the transplanted cells live adaptively in their new location, developing into breast tissue cells.

The fat cells taken from the body are processed to separate out regenerative cells and stem cells, which are then washed and enzyme-activated. Then they are re-combined with the fat cells and injected into breast fat. They supplement the fat already there and add new volume. Typically, this procedure gives the woman a one or two cup size increase (250 to 500 cc). To conclude the procedure, a pressure splint is used to hold the fat in place while it heals and promote its regeneration.

So far, there has been no rejection of the stem cell fat and no inflammation. The breasts have a natural, smooth feel and mammograms can be successfully performed.

This procedure is far from being FDA-approved and available to the general public. But perhaps it will offer a new way to increase breast size. It can be done along with liposuction for a general body re-contouring and a whole new look.

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