Breast enlargement creams are finally, it seems, ready to make the leap from late-night infomercials to the shelves of major retailers. But does this jump to the big time, mean these products give “big time” results?

The claim is that they do. The manufacturer, Rodial, claims that its “Boob Job” product will increase breast size by 8.4% (or elsewhere on the page, half a cup size) if you spread it on your breasts at least twice a day (near mealtimes) for at least 56 days. Rodial also claims that the use of its product will result in a lifting and firming effect.

How does it work? I’ll quote the website so you can get the full humorous effect of its prose “Boob job works with your natural fat cells. As the fat cells move around the body after eating, boob job “blocks” the fat into the area where the product has been applied, so the bust and décolleté areas.” A completely farcical explanation created by a ridiculous misunderstanding of how the body works and poor writing. First, you should know that your own fat cells do not eat, and that certainly they do not move around your body after doing so. The distribution of fat cells in your body is essentially fixed at puberty. What does move around your body is the fat that comes from your food (not as cells, but as fat molecules), on its way to storage or to being used. Ostensibly what the manufacturers are claiming is that their Boob Job formula stimulates your body to store fat where the cream is smeared.

The purported miracle ingredient of Boob Job is extract of Anemarrhena asphodeloides root. As of yet, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no guidelines on this plant’s topical or internal use. Currently, the only peer-reviewed scientific articles on this ingredient relate to its use in the control of inflammation. However, it does not seem to have any negative effects, and the cream itself is largely the same as moisturizing creams. If you are looking to keep your breasts looking their best, year after year, using a moisturizer on your breasts and especially the décolleté is a good idea, but there are many other cheaper and at least equally effective products for this purpose.

But Boob Job not a substitute for surgical breast enlargement. The claims made by this cream are inconsistent (both with medical science and even with itself) and unlikely to be true. If you are looking for real results, enlargement with breast implants is your best option.

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