Over 40,000 women die every year from breast cancer and nearly 200,000 women in addition to that are diagnosed with the disease. It is crucial that you take care of the health of your breasts in order to live a long, healthy life.

Breast augmentation surgery is something thousands of women consider. Today, breast implants do not pose as much difficulty for mammograms, as most facilities have a person who is trained in the slightly different technique used for women with breast implants.

Some of the ways you can continue to monitor your breast health include:

  • Scheduling a Pre-Breast-Implant Mammogram – It’s important that your doctor has a baseline to work from. Your breast implants will change the shape of your breasts, so this mammogram will show what your healthy breasts look like prior to the procedure.
  • Having a Mammogram Performed After Recovery – Once you recover from your breast implant procedure, you need to have another mammogram performed so that your doctor will know immediately what your breasts look like with the breast implants in place. If any changes occur in the future, your doctor will be able to identify them more easily.
  • Finding a Breast Implant-Oriented Mammogram Facility – With so many women choosing to have breast augmentation, there are numerous places you can go that are experienced in working with women who have breast implants.

Breast implants will not prevent you from having the mammograms you need to stay healthy. For women with especially small breasts, breast implants can even improve your mammogram results, depending on your breast implant placement.

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