We have mentioned in past blogs that getting as close to your ideal weight as possible before a tummy tuck is important, and a recent study shows that weight loss before breast surgery is important as well.

The study followed 8,000 women, 2,400 of whom were obese, who received cosmetic breast surgeries between 2002 and 2006. The study compared complication rates between the obese and non-obese women. The risk of complications was nearly 12 times higher for the obese women. These complications included:

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Seromas (collections of fluid)
  • Hematomas (collections of blood)

The study examined insurance claims made by the women to measure the rate of complications. The breast surgeries were covered by health insurance and were primarily breast reductions. None of the women received breast augmentation.

A critical component of cosmetic surgery is ensuring the patient is a good candidate. At the Cosmetic Surgical Center, we are dedicated to achieving your best results, as well as minimizing risks and protecting your overall health. During a consultation, Dr. Vasdev Rai can determine if you are at a safe weight for surgery or whether you should pursue weight loss prior to your procedure.

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