The most recent study by University of Portsmouth bra researchers, technically known as the breast biomechanics team, includes something old and something new.

On the old side, researchers reconfirmed that as many as 90 % of women wear the wrong bra, and that poor support could lead to the ligaments in the breasts being stretched.During exercise, they said, breasts move up to 8 ΒΌ inches up and down, in and out, and side to side, but most bras are designed only to limit vertical movement.

On the new side, researchers also investigated why women wear the wrong bra.Whereas most earlier studies implied that women were simply ignorant of what constituted an appropriate bra for their breasts, this new study shows that bra choices are not simply the result of ignorance.Part of the decision was based on strong personal preferences for certain styles, preferences established at a very young age and are relatively inflexible.”They won’t even look at anything that doesn’t look like the sort of bra they are used to wearing” said researcher Wendy Hedger.

In addition, women’s choice of bra is determined by the social stigma attached to particular sizes of bra.Women don’t want to be seen as too small or too big and buy an ill-fitting bra in order to appear what they consider to be a normal size.The problem is that with daily wear a wrong-sized bra can lead to painful damage that may require surgical correction such as a breast lift.

Instead, women are encouraged to come to terms with their breast size and buy an appropriate bra size.On the other hand, women who find they cannot feel comfortable with the size or shape of their breasts can have breasts they feel proud of with either breast augmentation or breast reduction.

If you find yourself in denial about the size of your breasts, you owe it to yourself to do a realistic appraisal.If you then decide you are interested in breast augmentation or breast reduction contact Dr. Vasdev Rai at the Cosmetic Surgical Center in Dallas, Texas for a consultation.