No, it is a common misconception that you need to replace your breast implants every ten years. Breast implants do not expire, and there is no need to change out your implants after a certain amount of time. You only need to replace implants if they develop a leak, deflate, or if you have excessive scarring. In absence of any problems there is no reason to change them. Less than 10% of breast implants may need to be changed in 10 years.

The Origins of the 10 Year Myth

The old style silicone implants were not as durable as today’s silicone gel implants, so there was a greater risk of failure. The FDA states that “breast implants are not lifetime devices,” but many patients enjoy their original implants, problem-free, for decades.

The risk of implant rupture averages an increase of 1% per year, meaning that a 20 year old implant has a 20% chance of rupturing. Those are the numbers. The reality is that it depends on the implant, your lifestyle, and your surgeon’s skill.

You are more likely to choose implant replacement out of a desire to update your look. Many women decide they want to go even larger after a number of years. Others want to turn back the clock on aging and sagging breasts with a breast lift, during which we will replace the implants. And, of course, women who have children after breast enlargement come back for a Mommy Makeover, once their bodies have stabilized.

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