Cosmetic surgeries are becoming acceptable by men, and men who often sit in C-suites. Thus, old-fashioned stigma against such undertakings is fading. Marc Jacobs was not afraid to talk about his facelift on Instagram. In the last 20 years, male facelifts have shown almost 20% increase.
Acknowledge this fact and become part of it.

When you look your best, you feel your best and perform your best. Instead of letting your sagging neck compete with your tie for available Real Estate above your collar, it is time to have a facelift.

There is no reason to accept sleepy looks because of saggy eyelids. Blepheroplasty will fix it for sure.
Man boobs have no place on your chest. Let liposuction wipe those out.

Love handles can be flattened with liposuction.

Double chins can disappear with liposuction.

And for workout enthusiasts, it is time to go extra yard and have abdominal etching.
Nothing beats a good power look as your business calling card.