Dr. Rai is often asked: What is best time to have surgery for gynecomastia, and will it get worse with time if I wait?

Gynecomastia can have a devastating effect on a young man’s self-confidence and quality of life. Breasts which developed in puberty may resolve on their own during adolescences, but if gynecomastia persists beyond the age of 17, it is time to have surgery. There is no benefit to waiting past the age of 18, and for most men uncorrected gynecomastia will only get worse with time.

Benefits of Breast Reduction for Men

Male breasts can keep you from enjoying normal social activities and can rob you of the endeavors which you enjoy and at which you excel. Young men who enjoy sports and leisure activities, such as swimming, will often stop participating because they do not want to take their shirts off in public. They may withdraw from social contact, even from hugging friends and family, to try and hide the presence of their breasts. And, whether we like to believe it in this day and age, men of all ages, who develop breasts, can face crushing ridicule from their peers.

Surgery to correct gynecomastia can restore your self-confidence, allow you to enjoy normal activities without reservation, and to stop making excuses for why you do not participate. For men who are not troubled by their breasts, the surgery is not necessary, but those who are do not have to suffer.

Gynecomastia as You Age

When gynecomastia is not corrected, the appearance of male breasts will typically worsen over time. Weight gain will cause your breasts to grow larger. The aging process will cause the skin to lose elasticity and stretch and you will face the same sagging that women struggle with as they age.

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