The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has issued its forecast for 2009. They based it on many interviews with cosmetic surgeons around the country.

Overall they expect to see the same diversification of cosmetic surgery patients as happened during 2008. Surgeons have been tailoring procedures for more and more individual situations and this in itself invites more individuals to come for a customized procedure. More men have been coming for rejuvenating work and that trend is expected to continue.

  • Dermal fillers will continue to be popular and new products will evolve
  • There will be increasing demand for body contouring surgeries as more people realize the dangers of obesity and become serious about weight loss. After the weight has entered a person’s “normal” range, procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction will be needed to deal with sagging muscles and loose skin.
  • Because BOTOX has been such a success, another similar product called Reloxin will gain FDA approval. It is currently in testing. Other competing products will probably enter the testing phases.
  • There will be more testing of new ways to remove fat. They will be either alternatives to liposuction or adjunct procedures for it.
  • More men will seek cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • There will be more non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures. Manufacturers and surgeons will come up with new techniques and devices to give you better results and shorter recovery times.
  • Cosmetic tourism will decline as more people realize the importance of follow-up care.

On the warning side, there is a less exciting prediction:

  • People looking for bargain rates will cause an increase in media horror stories. Products obtained from foreign sources at discount rates and procedures done by inadequately trained personnel will provide good fuel for those in the mass media seeking to frighten the population.
  • As a result of these publicized incidents, more people will start to check the qualifications of cosmetic surgeons and the public in general will become more sophisticated about healthcare choices.

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