There is currently an international dermatology conference in the UAE, at the Dubai Convention Center. It opened on Saturday and will run until April 28 and has over 5,000 dermatologists and plastic surgeons participating in it. There is also an exhibition running alongside it which showcases anti-aging cosmetic procedures.

Skin Care in Humid Areas
In very hot and humid areas such as the Middle East and India, care of the skin is extra important. If you neglect it, the humidity causes fungi to grow on your skin. The conference has many international skin care companies selling products for the hair and nails as well as for the skin.

Cosmetic Surgery for the Job Market
One Hassan Galadari, a cosmetic surgeon participating in the conference, is quoted in Gulf News as saying: “In this time and age people are becoming more competitive and you have to look good when seeking a job. An employer looks at the way you look.” This space noted a similar approach to hiring in China, in the blog posting entitled Plastic Surgery For Longer Legs?

In the UAE cosmetic surgery is not regulated as it is in the U.S. According to Galadari, “There are general practitioners and doctors from various specialties who are not properly trained to handle these procedures.”

The chairman of the conference, Dr. Ebrahim Galadari, is quoted as saying that the fields of cosmetic surgery and dermatology have gone through a huge explosion featuring “the good, the bad and the worthless”. Many physicians at the conference are from the U.S. and other countries and are demonstrating “what is hot and what is not in the field of dermatology”.

“It has become our responsibility as dermatologists to take care of patients first in the most humane way,” Ebrahim Galadari stated.

U.S. More Regulated
As cosmetic surgery patients, we are well-protected in the U.S. from unqualified medical practitioners. We also have regulated hiring practices that prevent an employer from hiring a person based on perceived physical attractiveness.

Dr. Rai is a board-certified plastic surgeon and participates in continuing education every year. He belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which keeps him in touch with his peers and with new ideas, technology, and techniques. He also belongs to state and local professional associations, appears on television and radio, and is very involved at Medical City Dallas Hospital.

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